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At PURE, we place immense value on our people and recognise that they are the driving force behind our success. We foster a culture of diversity and inclusion, celebrating the unique perspectives and experiences that everyone brings to our organisation. We organise engaging staff activities that inspire our employees, creating a fulfilling environment where both personal and professional aspirations can come together and thrive.

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PURE Annual Dinner 2024 - BOWS & BLING

After a long wait, the highly anticipated PURE Annual Dinner finally made its grand comeback post-pandemic! The theme for this year, Bows and Bling, was a sight to behold as everyone arrived in stunning, glamorous outfits, hoping to win the prestigious Best Dressed Award. Together, we created a night filled with unforgettable moments, where laughter, music, performances, and celebration permeated the air. From captivating dance performances to impressive singing and rap verses, the PURE X Factor saw our teams from different departments take the stage to showcase their incredible talents. The night was also a golden opportunity to recognise and appreciate the remarkable milestones the PURE family achieved in the past year.

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Employee Award Presentation 2023

We congratulated 31 dedicated teammates on reaching 10, 15 and 20 years of service with PURE Group; their loyalty and commitment are the backbone of our success. We also recognised 7 standout employees for their exceptional service and contribution, as voted by PURE Cardholders and employees, as well as 6 team members who achieved high sales performance, customer service and teamwork in the last 12 months. Their enthusiasm and excellence motivate us all to be our best!

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Pilates Staff Class 2023

To encourage our employees’ physical well-being, the PURE team got active and participated in several Reformer Pilates staff classes prior to the launch. This not only helped improve their posture but also toned their muscles.

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Joyful Fruit Day 2023

In Q2, we organized a Joyful Fruit Day to promote a healthy eating culture in our community. We shared a variety of fruits with the team to encourage the habit of "2 Plus 3 Every Day”.

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Massage Day 2023

We all enjoy getting massages to relieve neck and shoulder pain, so we organised a Massage Day in Q2 for our team. It was a wonderful opportunity for everyone to take a moment to relax and rejuvenate after a day's work!

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Award Presentation 2022

Gathering together on the rooftop of PURE Yoga Starstreet Precinct, we congratulated and applauded teammates who had contributed 10, 15 & 20 years of dedication, especially saluting our exceptional performers with Employee Awards. Coinciding with PURE’s 20th anniversary was the honouring of 3 teammates who reached their personal milestones as 20 years employees at PURE. We are truly grateful to have such loyal and commited teammates since PURE's very beginning – success wouldn't be possible without their steadfast contribution.

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Staff Yoga Class 2022

We truly believe that mental wellness is integral to achieving a well-balanced life. Here’s a little recap from last week. We bring popular classes, including Yoga Wheel and Wall Rope Yoga to the workspace, offering our teammates to explore the various types of yoga. During the group event, fellow staff could free their mind, unwind, and find balance. Let this event remind you to give back to your mind and body consciously!

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Ice-cream Treat 2022

As one cool last hurrah to summer's official end, we brought an ice-cream cart to our office and studio! Each bite of the creamy dreamy gelato brought smiles to all...who doesn't like a good scoop of ice-cream?! What a timely celebration of togetherness and connection leading up to Mid-Autumn Festival - and a most delectable way to end the work week.

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Award Presentation – October 2020

For all our outstanding and long-serving colleagues, to whom we expressed heartfelt thanks at a simple but significant Award Presentation on 15 October 2020.

Thank you for your efforts, contributions, commitment and enthusiasm over the years. Without our team’s dedication and achievements, PURE wouldn’t be as solid and successful as it is today – especially in these unprecedented times.

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New Join Orientation

Having new joins on board the PURE team is always exciting. And with each orientation session, our aim is for our ‘newbies to get a fantastic first taste of PURE culture. With this in mind, the full-day orientation allows them to experience a group fitness / yoga class, nood food treats and drinks, as well as ice-breaking games and training.

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